Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mens Fashion Police

Top 10 Sources for Mens-Fashion

DressThatMan's blog feed is now running in the Men's Fashion section of Top 10 Sources!

Since we've received the badge above, we've ordained ourselves as the DressThatMan Mens Fashion Police. Because we said it's so.

So.... watch out, comb your hair and put on fresh clothes while you surf the information super highway, because at any given time we will knock on your door, and pretend to be Publishers Clearinghouse. When you open the door, we'll quickly remove the Ed McMahon mask and reveal our true identity and shove that Top 10 badge in your face. Right before we funk you up big time.

We'll wrestle you to the floor, if need be, to put you in polyester flares from the 1970's that fit your thighs like a coat of thick paint. Then, we'll match it with a loud, tight 70's print disco shirt. Of course it'll be color coordinated with your pants. Then, on with the platform shoes. We'll sit on your knees if you protest.

After that, we'll stand you up and march you outside. You'll enter the black canvas tent covered with the logo on all 4 sides that's set up in your yard. Inside you'll see that the crew has set up a modified apparatus that once was a portable basketball hoop, but now sports a giant disco ball turning slowly to the right with 3 super powered halogen pin spotlights aimed at it.

Then, the music begins to play. The fog machine is turned on along with the police sirens and strobe lights. Depending on the mood, we'll blast out Funkytown by Lipps Incorporated or Macho Man by the Village people. You will be forced to dance while the crew films you for distribution on the net.

Once you've entered DressThatMan's RETRO
luscious land, you'll never be the same again.

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Jon said...

What will the neighbors think? LMFAO too funny