Friday, February 03, 2006

Angels Flight Pants & Disco Clothes for Men

Man, oh man! We're busy behind the scenes collecting some major stash to keep you retro men happy long into 2006 and beyond. Thanks to the fabulous groupies we've acquired, we're getting hooked up with some primo stuff.

We've got more deadstock - never been worn before - brand NEW old vintage stock from the 1970's coming back at ya like a sharp smack on the azz, or... the back... if we're talking about retro 70's shirts.

There's so much good stuff to come that is currently being cataloged and prepped for addition to the store - where do we start? How about if we just let you in on one special deal of what's in store for the store? Aside from a bunch of groovy wide funky mens neckties...

Here it is:
We've got a limited amount of Men's Angels Flight Pants that are brand new with the tags attached, baby. Plus, they aren't tiny 30" waist and under sizes either... so, it doesn't get better than that. Angels Flight brand disco clothes were one of THE brands that were sought after in the 70's. Finding the Angels Flight/Angel Flight label unworn is a mighty hard act to follow. Watch for these SUPER RARE pants coming soon.

Scams to watch out for:
Some places will use the name "Angels Flight" or "Angel Flight" just to lure you in, without being able to divvy up the merchandise. That sucks, and you totally hate that shit. We know you do because we've heard it from several of you. It's worse than bait and switch, because when you are tempted with the super premium brand and shown the no-lead... you're not amused or easily confused. In fact, it pisses you off. And, when something pisses you off - you don't forget it. Because you're like that. Guess what? We like you just the way you are. You ain't gonna get no jive talkin' bullshit runaround, lure 'em in and they'll take something, anything kinda crap coming at ya from us.

Hey, sometimes we're full of shit, laughing our collective asses off, and entirely off the wall when we're writing silly stuff in our product descriptions, but aside from that... we have integrity when it comes to the way we're fronting the business.
So, yeah. That's right. We're full of shit with integrity.

Deal with it.

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