Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Catching that 70's Buzz at DTM

Hey, man!

What's happening? Ya'll been slapping our stock around this month. Tripping big time here trying to keep up with you wild guys. You can't get enough of that far out seventies stuff!

We're doing our best here at DressThatMan.com to get you the BEST of what's rest of the primo 70's clothes out there. Seems right now there's a big ass demand for clothing from the 1970's disco era for men around the globe. AND - you better get it while the getting is good baby, because there's only so much of the prime 70's apparel left in the entire WORLD, ya know?

Recently we've been dressing Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other corporate professionals in ultra funky DISCO CLOTHES! Doin' it funky style, and loving it, man.

It's so damn
FUNKIN' TRUE... some guys have ALL the fun!

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