Saturday, February 25, 2006

Promote your BAND at! is getting the word out!

Near the end of January 2006, we experienced some minor setbacks via our former server, but... we've since moved along and we're now up on a new server and running like a well oiled machine. Yeah.

Despite the January 2006 glitches, we are happy to report that we had over 21,500 new visitors on our site - with over 110,000 page views in the month.

February is a shorter month, but... as of today, the 25th - we've already topped last months 110,000 page views by another 10,000... and have had over 21,000 visitors already.

We're proud to say that we've been selling a LOT of merchandise to guys out there who are talented musicians! We're thrilled that you're performing in clothes you've purchased from the crew at DressThatMan - and, several of you have promised pictures - and, in turn, we've promised that we're going to promote your talent and showcase you in the Celebrity Spotlight at DTM.

If you haven't been reading the blog, we've got pictures promised to us by a hall of fame ROCK STAR who recently partied in an outfit supplied by - we're waiting for the prints to get back from the professional photographer and then back to us so we can put them on the site - there is no doubt, all of you aspiring musicians and bands out there will soon be in good company in the Celebrity Spotlight. Of course, we're certainly aflutter and trying to refrain from chomping at the bit to get these pictures - but, all things in due time.

We'd love to tell you WHO he is, but... you'll just have to trust us and know that the suspense will be worth it! Totally.

When you're onstage with your BAND jamming to the appreciation of the crowd, looking the part means you don't buy things off the rack. Vintage clothing kicks ass because it sets you apart from the crowd.

It's been a secret weapon and an apparel staple in the world of entertainers and in celebrity circles for years - adding quality vintage clothing stands you miles apart from all of the fashion clones.

Show the world just how unique you are. Get the look that gets the looks!

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