Sunday, February 19, 2006

Vintage Clothing for MEN of all Ages

Last Friday it was work as usual at DTM. We got orders out, did some clean up and sorting, and began to prep and photograph items that will be coming up. Par for the course - we've got some kick ass threads in the works for you ...and, we were talking about how exciting the business is and how much fun you guys are.

Then the phone rings.

A gentlemen called to order some pants who doesn't have access to the Internet. He says he doesn't understand the Internet thing at all... but, that his tailor gave him our details, along with a specific product number of an item he was calling in to buy. He was thrilled that DressThatMan had these vintage pants in stock. In NEW, unworn dead stock condition. You could hear the excitement in his voice.

He was bugging his tailor to buy some polyester material and MAKE him these pants. Instead, the tailor sends him to DressThatMan because he has no interest in making polyester pants for the man. His tailor wants him to wear something else, and this gentleman chuckled and said, "I am afraid that I am very set in my ways."

Hey, if you know what you like and what you want and it works for you, you should go for it. Always.

That's when he said, "Yes. At 80 years of age, by now I know what I like."

That man made our day.

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