Monday, January 29, 2007


UPDATE: be sure to check out our super groovy compilation of authentic 1970's disco party dance music for your ipod from's iTunes iMix here.

Hey, man!
Now that you're all dressed to kill in funky fashions from the 70's you
bought from your primo disco clothes dealer, DressThatMan... you need to get your hot hands on some great disco dancing music by the original artists from the seventies to get that party started. Because wearing funked up authentic 70s fashion just isn't enough, you gotta get down and boogie to the beats and give that polyester a workout.

If you were a complete purist being true to the 70's disco era, you'd be spinning records... but, we know that not many people not of the era actually have record players anymore. And, lucky for you much of the original music of the seventies has been remastered and is now available on CD's so you can still kick out those jams. And, that's a good thing... because most of our disco music collection on record albums are scratched from too much partying with amateur inebriated DJs at the helm. Or, because we were fighting over which one would play next!

If you're setting up music for a retro disco theme party it's gotta be LOUD, baby! A big subwoofer would be an ideal addition to your CD system setup. Why? Because back in the disco days the thumping of the beat was so intense in some clubs you could feel the music pounding in your chest. OK... so we don't expect you to go THAT far, but... you get the picture.

Need help in the 70's dance moves department? Check out these DVD's full of music and performances by the original artists. Grab Superstars of Seventies Soul: LIVE watch it and learn to boogie from the masters. Another DVD you should definitely check out is KC and the Sunshine Band present Get Down Tonight -The Disco Explosion Live. Two great DVD's to play for your 70's party guests to get everyone in the Disco dancing party mood.

It's not a fun and fabulous 70's retro DISCO theme PARTY without the original fashion and the music!

Dress your men in authentic 70's fashion from tight polyester disco pants, wild and crazy snug funky print disco shirts, vintage mens platform shoes, polyester disco leisure suits, big butterfly collars, flares, bell bottoms and more. Don't forget to take lots of pictures of your guests having a riot at your disco theme party, and after your hangovers subside... send us pics and become immortalized in the Funky Fashion Hall of Fame!

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