Wednesday, January 24, 2007

DISCO SHIRTS 70's DISCO SHIRTS! has a BIG collection of AUTHENTIC 1970's Disco era shirts for wild MEN! Nothing says 70's DISCO PARTY quite like a crazy wild ass vintage disco shirt straight outta the seventies, man.

Check out our selection of men's vintage seventies funky print shirts with big butterfly collars and get your party freak ON. Perfect for those retro disco 70's theme parties or for strutting your stuff at the club, or for that 1970's film you're directing.

In the 70's, when you hit the dance clubs, it was unusual NOT to see a man wearing a shirt like these. So, if you're going to an event that requires seventies attire, you could get away with grabbing a shirt made at the height of disco fashion and wearing pants you already own!

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