Friday, January 19, 2007

What To Wear to a 70's Theme Party?

Wondering what to wear to that 70's disco party? For all you MEN out there who want that true disco fashion look, what you should be looking for is retro authentic seventies vintage men's clothes from your primo disco clothing dealers at! No flimsy reproduction stuff here. Just the very best of what's left of true 1970's fashion for MEN.

Looking for a WILD print disco shirt? No doubt, we've got you covered there. We have a wide selection of bonafide, PIMP YA HIDE mens print disco shirts that are authentic vintage relics from the 1970's. Check out the disco shirts we have in stock. We have customers spending HOURS there just trying to decide which shirt to buy! We've also got bellbottoms, flares and boot cut retro pants in polyester, denim and various blends. Check out our pants section to see if we have something in your size.

If you're feeling lucky, you might find a full-on polyester leisure suit or a leisure suit jacket from the 70s. If you find a fit - grab it. And, if that isn't enough... check out the collection of authentic 70's mens platform shoes!

After a major perusal of our site, you will get a TOTAL feel for dressing up 70's style. Whether you are going to a retro disco theme party, playing in a band, or just want a look that will stand out in the crowd - is the men's vintage clothing shopping portal, baby... and we are here to FUNK YOU UP!

The crew at DressThatMan has big things coming your way, man. Lots of deadstock, unworn items from the 1970's fashion vault as well as some of the grooviest 70's disco fashion known to man, are being prepped and processed as I type away. Our 2007 stock is gonna blow your mind!

Just a tip for all you people out there who are wine freaks and might be passing through the State of Michigan. We found this little place during our travels that is located in Muskegon, Michigan that makes some positively KICK ASS wine! We bought a case of assorted fruit wine flavors from Clay Avenue Cellars for our staff party and WOW... it was like a fruity warm explosion. They don't sell their wine online from their winery yet - maybe one day they will - we hope, otherwise we're gonna load up a truck whenever we happen to take a road trip and get out that way again. Feel free to write to them and tell them you want to be able to buy their fruit wines online, and maybe that little Michigan winery will listen to what the people want!

If they were closer to us we would easily become certified winos. After work of course, we wouldn't want the fruit flies around the packing tables...

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Anonymous said...

Hey You guys have really shaken up the other vintage sites. Some of them even claim to clean and steam their stock now! Too funny, shouldnt they have been doing that all along? Instead of scrambling when you blew them out the water. Keep kicking azz guys and dragging the others up to higher standards.

I have brought from the other stores long ago, but you totally have my loyalty. The others never came close or clean LOL