Friday, January 12, 2007

What fuels our FEVER for VINTAGE CLOTHES?

The DressThatMan warehouse was blessed with the most stupendous gift ever. A DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso machine.

Of course, we bought it for ourselves, which is sometimes the best way to get a gift - because you will get EXACTLY what you want. And, seriously all we can say is that it is simply marvelous.

If you're really into coffee, cappuccino, espresso, lattes... all of it. This machine is THE freakin' BOMB.

We've been through many pounds of illy espresso beans already, and just picked up another 5 pound bag of espresso beans from Starbucks. We've got the coffee bar fully stocked with various sugar free flavorings and every accoutrement you can imagine related to making the most exquisite coffee. We're so thrilled to have the coffee shop in-house, we thought we'd share.

High octane fuel behind the funky facade of! If you're looking for a high end machine that does exactly what the maker claims - grab this one.

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