Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nik Nik Italian Disco Shirts

Of all the original Disco Shirts from the 1970's, Italian made Nik-Nik shirts are the most collectible.
At DressThatMan.com, we have waiting lists for these groovy shirts!

Check out our current collection here.


Jim S said...

I love it! I remember those shirts back at the disco. Only the fancy rich guys had them.

Randy said...

Cool shirt. People who have plenty of money have no problem finding ways to spend it. The shirts are unique thats for sure. Wish I could afford to get one.

John G said...

Italian made designer disco shirts are the only way to fly 70's style. I have a collection, and thanks to DressThatMan they've kept it growing. Thanks for always alerting me on the shirts when they come in!

Bob said...

I can't believe what these shirts are going for today. I used to own about a dozen Nik Nik shirts and wore them to dance clubs in between 1978 and 1982. Too fucking bad I tossed them all in the trash DAMMIT