Friday, May 02, 2008

What is Vintage Clothing?

The term “vintage” has different connotations to different people, but here at we’re talking specifically about Men’s Vintage Clothing. And, we consider true vintage clothing to be mens fashions that were manufactured in the past – up to 1980.

We’ve notice a surge in modern day manufacturers in using the word vintage associated with their clothing. Modern vintage style clothing being manufactured today, certainly isn’t the true vintage we are offering on our website.

Without naming names, there are several modern day clothing companies that, for example, that are selling what they call “vintage” denim jeans. Most often, these jeans have a distressed, worn appearance. Apparently, the marketing wheels behind these companies feel that by making their jeans look “old” it’s OK to call them vintage. Yes, it’s somewhat misleading – but, it’s a marketing tactic that isn’t particularly unusual when the sole objective is the sale.

The word vintage according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, clearly refers to the year a vintner harvests and produces wine from a vineyard and a period of origin and manufacture, length of existence meaning age.

A pair of genuine vintage denim Levi Bellbottom Jeans from the 1970’s is not at all like modern day “vintage” style clothing. For one, the heavy denim was originally manufactured in San Francisco, California USA. Initially rather stiff, this extra heavy-duty 100% cotton denim from Levi’s is not being reproduced today. People who lived in the era and owned a pair of these original jeans know exactly what we’re talking about. And they will recall that these jeans took some time to break in and they would outlast any pair of jeans offered in the market today. The shrink-to-fit denim would take a very long time, and many, many trips to the washing machine and dryer to gently fade from their original indigo blue color. These were the superior Levi jeans, which are today classified as genuine vintage 1970’s Levi’s. Sought after by celebrities, collectors and vintage purists today because of their age and high quality construction.

The vast majority of shoppers at do wear the vintage clothing they purchase. Granted, there are some collectors who will buy deadstock (unworn vintage) clothing for display publicly or privately, for nostalgic reasons or to hold onto as a potential investment. We also have many Hollywood and Theatrical costumers and department heads who buy genuine vintage to outfit or, as a guide to reproduce clothing for film, theater and print.

We try to make it clear on the website exactly what vintage means, but we consistently get inquiries which make it clear to us that some people don't understand exactly what vintage clothing is. "Can I get this shirt in an XL?, Can I get 10 of these bellbottoms in the following sizes... Can I backorder this sold item? When will you be getting more of these suits in? etc. True vintage is an original article of clothing that was manufactured decades ago in a particular era. Therefore, these items have a limited supply unlike modern day manufactured clothing.

The best advice we can give you is: If it says VINTAGE on the label…

… it ISN’T true vintage.


Craig said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me. There is confusion in the marketplace regarding what vintage clothing is and isn't.

BRADY NY said...

I get it! At last I get it. Your stuff is BAD ASS.

Nick said...

I wear your shirts when I perform on stage. Always get many compliments. Never give away where I get them though. Sorry!

Christine said...

DressThatMan is an amazing store! Too bad you don't sell womens vintage becuase I love you style and the unworn original clthes are unreal. My man gets all the good stuff and I'm left with nothing. Please do a womens store :D

XTC said...

You dudes know how to rock vintage! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!