Friday, May 09, 2008

Still Groovin', Man!

Our celebrity gallery guy, Dez is still workin' it! He knows that wearing authentic 1970's clothing gets it him plenty of attention, and when you're an actor... attention is paramount, baby. is all about providing top quality original vintage clothing for MEN who aren't afraid to be the center of attention - especially 1970's style. We dare you to attempt to be nonchalant and go grocery shopping in these threads. Please take lots of photos if you do. Especially of the amused shoppers that will surely be staring. Of course... you'll need a photographing friend along to lag behind and record the details. It could be fun, man. Really. People need reasons to smile. You could be the IT guy that accomplishes that task. Spread the love.

We do not recommend applying for a bank loan in these clothes, but then again... if your banker possesses that 1970's era disco soul... it could give you just the advantage you need.

Go wild. Release your inner disco man!


Anonymous said...

I love that man. He's so cute! - sarah

Kathy Griffin said...

This is the kind of man, I'd fall out a taxi cab to meet.

Hook me up?

Cindy K said...

He's soooooooooo groovy! So cool that'd I'd fight Ms Griffin for him and win.