Monday, July 30, 2012

Deadstock Vintage 1950's XL Western Shirt

When it comes to Mens Vintage Clothing - Deadstock Clothing is KING! Here's a rare gen in vintage: a 1950's RED unworn Tem-Tex Western Sportswear mens shirt with Extra Long Tails. And, it's even a super rare mens XL size. See it here.

How do we know this is a 50's western shirt? According to a reference book we have in the shop which shows the exact tag on this shirt, that's how! We don't guess when it comes to certain vintage items (most we have enough experience to know). 

What reference book do you have about vintage western shirts? It's called "Western Shirts - A Classic American Fashion" by Steven E. Weil and C. Daniel DeWeese - and it's a fantastic reference book for mens vintage western shirts.

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