Friday, July 13, 2012

Men's Fashion In the 70's

Back in 1975, men in polyester leisure suits were a common sight across the American landscape. As illustrated in the Sears catalog photo above, some guys chose to wear bright color slacks with their plaid leisure suit jacket. Also note the first guy is wearing a turtle neck shirt, the second is wearing a pull over sports shirt and the third is wearing a traditional button down with a tie. And if you observe closely - look at how high waisted those pants are!

There was no internet, or Google back in 1975. Instead, people waited to get their hands on the latest big department store catalogs. Prior to surfing the web, people flipped the pages of 5 pound seasonal catalogs. And, in the condition of which we have seen some of these catalogs - there was a LOT of page flipping going on, man!

For the modern day man, if you're web surfing on an iPad or any touch screen computer you can simulate that page flipping action at - we've got plenty of original men's vintage clothes from the 70's for you to check out. has a LOAD of UNWORN mens 70's shirts!

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