Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Men's Vintage: Broomsticks Slacks

Check out this advertisement from 1971 for Broomsticks Men's Slacks. Broomsticks Slacks were a product of Glen Oaks in New York City. This particular men's fashion season featured these doubleknit slacks in 100% Celanese Fortrel polyester fabric.

According to their advertising at the time, "They stand up to all the action - whatever that might be." In 1971, these pants sold for 18 to 25 bucks a pair. While those prices might not seem like much today, according to the Government's Inflation Calculator - those $18.00 pants back in 1971 are equal to spending $102.14 today. And, the $25.00 pants are equal to $141.86!

Note the slightly higher hemline and how snug the pants were to a man's body compared to modern day fashion. DressThatMan has carried these vintage pants from time to time, and no doubt - it's very possible we'll have some to offer in the future in the store. Providing we can grab some pants in excellent or unworn vintage condition.

The one thing these pants wouldn't stand up to is getting burned with cigarettes (or other things)... and since smoking was something people did a lot back then don't be surprised if you find a pair with some burns on 'em.

Not from us. We're just sayin'.

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