Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mens 1970's Disco Shirts

Looking for Men's Vintage Shirts? Got a Disco Party you need to dress up for, or are you the kind of guy who likes to spice up his wardrobe by adding in some vintage clothing? Dare to be different and get some major attention, man...

We've got a selection of original mens disco shirts that were originally worn in the 1970's. AND, we've even got a large selection of unworn vintage shirts, including wild print big butterfly collar shirts from the disco era. Check out all of the UNWORN mens vintage shirts here.

Yes, Sir. So many guys don't want to wear a shirt that was previously worn by another man back in the seventies - but, they do want to buy mens 1970's disco shirts and clothes that are authentic and new. has your back, or we should say the vintage shirt that could be on your back! is a very unique boutique in Men's Vintage Clothing, specializing in original 1970's deadstock (never worn before) clothing for the man who wants to stand OUT in the crowd. 


Anonymous said...

Stop reducing it to "disco" shirts

The 70's and those shirts are much more than that said...

Hey man, we can't take any personal responsibility for the "disco shirt" phrase! People who didn't live through the era may have given the most colorful men's 70's shirts that name. Truth is that times have changed and we want people to find what they are looking for online and "disco shirt" IS a valid term

We love Men's 1970's vintage clothing and specialize in it. We know that men wore these shirts everywhere back in the 70's - not only to the disco! Some of those 70's shirts are like wearable ART. Attention getting and super cool even today.