Saturday, January 14, 2006

70's Disco Clothes for the Rich and Famous has a clientele list that includes Hollywood celebrities along with others in the entertainment industry. While we'd love to be able to tell you who, we are sworn to secrecy because that's just they way we do business in the business.

BUT - check this out! We may have photos available soon from a well known kick ass musician's big surprise party, and we are as excited as hell at the prospect because this dude frickin' ROCKS, baby! So, stay tuned. His wife promised photographs to us and now we're just gonna wait and see what develops. Hopefully, we'll be able to sleep until then.

The fabulous pic above of our very own afro wearing disco man, our mascot Luis... now, he is a celebrity in his own right here at DressThatMan!

Luis is decked out right down to his platforms from DressThatMan stock he hand picked from our virtual online racks. It's guys like Luis that make our job FUN.

You can check him out in his retro loving glory, all funked up in 70's attire - Luis is a featured funky man in the gallery!

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