Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Polyester is the Anti-Crease

Funking you up 70's style is all the rage over at - the reception you wild guys have given us has literally driven us to it. We are propelled to bring you the absolute best in 1970's clothing we can find.

We are currently fluttering about with anticipation. Why? We’ve just scored 35 kilos of NOS (new old stock) in the form of brand new, never been worn before 70's jackets and suits. The disco era stash is on its way to the warehouse now, it should wash ashore by the weeks end.

We’re completely savoring the groovy anticipatory feelings. Because we know the body buzz deadstock vintage gives the man who is totally into retro fashion. Especially the men who are vintage clothing purists. For them, this haul will make ‘em howl our name and squeal with delight at the potential.

2006 is looking nearly as good as our customers!

Which brings another subject to mind. The fact that not all of you men out there are willing to slide directly or indirectly into anything from the 1970's - new or not. Because you think it’s either sleazy, tacky, or... it’s just not you.

Yes, Sir. Indeed.

It could be all three, perhaps two or, just one of the above reasons that you’ve rushed to such, “no way - no how” judgement.

But wait! Ponder this. OK?

It’s a fact that oodles of fun can be derived from combining sleazy with tacky.

Don’t ask how we know that. We just know.

We also know that when it comes to wearing clothing from the 70's, that if you are not already sleazy or tacky, putting on the polyester will not make it happen. You will not flip, slip or slide into super slime bucket mode if you aren’t already there.

If you put 70's clothing on and say to yourself when you look in the mirror, ...“it’s just not me,” then you can attribute whomever you’ve turned into as the blame for a night of fun and debauchery with your new sleazy and tacky self. The option is there.

Alternatively, if you look in that mirror and say, ... “it’s just not me,” without a single smirk if even for a nanosecond, then... by all means, it sho’ ain’t.

So, git. ::: just kidding :::

Truth is, if you’re a classy guy to begin with, you won’t lose it by donning the miracle fiber found in this retro attire. You’ll still be you and retro chic. Quite possibly more effective at pulling it off and having a smashing time with your friends who will certainly be astonished by the unexpected factor.

Your amazing transformation into Mr. Polyester Super Funky Hero awaits you at!

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