Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rock Stars LOVE Vintage Clothes!

At Dress That Man, we are continuing one hell of a run dishing out some super funky ass vintage clothes. Many of which have been as of late - getting snatched up by some talented musicians.

We're hoping to bring on board some MORE gallery guys and link up their band sites. When we do, we going to create a special section, a brand NEW gallery just for people in the entertainment industry donning our garments in pixel form - whether you're known locally or nationally - we'll be hooking you up in the NEW gallery, along with other celebrities we may get pics of in the future.

Because when you ROCK, you need clothes for the stage that are memorable. Not stuff anyone can go into a store and just shell out the cash and get. You want the one-of-a-kind stuff because you want to stand out when you take center stage.

As either a budding ROCK STAR or an established celeb in the entertainment industry, what you do it all for is to get your music out there. Because the more people listen to your music the more fullfilled the dream becomes. The more real it is.

The crew at is all about keeping it real.
So, cop some unique top quality vintage threads and send us pictures of yourself wearing 'em you're in performance mode or just standing there looking great. We'll hook you up in the gallery free of charge - along with links to your band site and mp3's if you got 'em.

Sometimes it not who you know - it's what you know.

Now you know - h
ook up with us, we'll help get your music out across the planet. believes in living your dreams.

on a side note
Thanks to Jay for mentioning us in his blog! ::: & thanks to Joe for the heads up :::
jay's blog: linky vol. 007 - best of the linkroll

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