Monday, January 16, 2006

70's DISCO SHIRTS from Outer Space

Disco Shirt meets space travel - yes, Sir! Take a trip to the International Space Station in style with this galactic inspired Disco Shirt. If you knock on the Space Station door wearing this shirt, they’ll let you in - even IF you didn’t call first.

This retro relic makes Human Space flight seem more possible than ever before. Because once you don this 70's fashion beauty and hit the club, you are gonna totally blast off on the dance floor.

This specimen is a disco shirt collectors dream. RARE XL disco clothes for men in NEW, unworn condition, especially in the form of a photo print disco shirt like this one from the 1970's - well, it’s practically unheard of. We can assure you, this particular bad azz mens shirt is frickin’ rarer than a five armed neighbor with an English accent who volunteers to wash your car every Sunday.

This shirt also has the rare feature of fabric covered buttons and is suitable for an A-list Celebrity or any ROCK STAR who wants a shirt that nobody else can go out and buy.
Kick ass threads in the form of authentic vintage garments have a clear advantage.

Cop one for the copycat prevention, man.

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