Friday, January 27, 2006

Vintage Clothing Online - Server Status Update

All Systems GO! We're back up and running.

The Disco Party is ON, baby!

earlier today we reported:
Our ecommerce hosting service has been temporarily interrupted. We began to experience intermittent problems on Thursday night. We have technicians working on the server now.

Before the crew at pulls their collective hair out completely, it looks like it's time for an upgrade folks!

You can expect another temp outage over the next few days as we switch servers. After that, we hope to be sailing smoothly. We'll let you know once the switch has been sucessfully made right here in this post.

It's a real bitch having this issue on an ecommerce site, although most people do have temporary outages from time to time on their servers because it's true to the theory that shit happens - it's always panic city here when it occurs.

Damn. It's not even noon yet and a cold beer sounds great.

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