Friday, January 27, 2006

Vintage Clothing Online - Server Status Update

All Systems GO! We're back up and running.

The Disco Party is ON, baby!

earlier today we reported:
Our ecommerce hosting service has been temporarily interrupted. We began to experience intermittent problems on Thursday night. We have technicians working on the server now.

Before the crew at pulls their collective hair out completely, it looks like it's time for an upgrade folks!

You can expect another temp outage over the next few days as we switch servers. After that, we hope to be sailing smoothly. We'll let you know once the switch has been sucessfully made right here in this post.

It's a real bitch having this issue on an ecommerce site, although most people do have temporary outages from time to time on their servers because it's true to the theory that shit happens - it's always panic city here when it occurs.

Damn. It's not even noon yet and a cold beer sounds great.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Leisure Suits and 70's Disco Party Suits

All Leisure Suits and Disco Suits are NOT created equal. While it’s true that the REAL DEAL 1970's Leisure Suits and Jackets are made from 100% polyester - but, it’s important you know that not all 70's polyester suits are truly disco worthy suits.

You don’t want to show up at the shindig looking like someone’s Grandpa did in the 1970's, do you? We didn’t think so.

At, our mission is to - Dress THAT Man: meaning YOU (or a MAN you love), in some crackin' authentic vintage seventies disco clothes that will make YOU stand out in the crowd. Whether you are jetting off to a retro theme 70's Disco Party , are playing at gig with your band, or... you simply want to get funked up for a night out clubbing because you enjoy being unique when it comes to fashion - we’ll funk you up right and you'll be funked up all night.

Most of the 70's guys we dress pick prefer to pick out items individually. A pair of pants - bootcut, flares or bell bottoms - depending on preference; a big butterfly collar disco shirt and a 70's sportcoat.

Yeah. Every now and again you feel lucky, and if you’re lucky enough to find a 70's era disco suit - either 2 piece or 3, that fits you according to our measurements, then grab it. Because getting a 1970's vintage suit from our online racks that fits, means you’ll be getting the BONA FIDE DEAL sex appeal, far out ass kickin’, dance floor trippin’ seventies vibe, man. FULL ON.

*please handle yourself responsibly or responsively - whichever the case may be*

One thing we DON’T do at DressThatMan is haphazardly throw something together and call it a 70's Leisure Suit. And... whenever you buy a complete suit from us, the pants were actually MEANT to be with the jacket. We ain’t into doing ya like that. It’s not us. And, so many of you have let us know that you appreciate it.

Anything we get in the Suit Department that isn’t 100% polyester, but has definite 70's disco style, we’ll usually call a "disco suit" instead of a Leisure Suit. It’s important to be able to see what you are getting when you buy online. Which brings us again to mention the importance of high quality photos and the extra time we take to prepare our clothing for our online store display.

We can't stress quality enough. After an item has been determined to make the grade, we don't slipshod our customers by hurriedly throwing things together and slapping them up online in the store. We are extremely persnickety about our photography and the presentation of the items in our store. We care and it shows.

It’s not unheard of for us to take 20 pictures of one thing before we find pics we believe are a worthy representation. If an item has been in storage and is wrinkled, we commercially steam garments before photos are taken.

Why go through all the trouble steaming merchandise for our photos? Because there is nothing worse than pictures of wrinkled clothing that appear they have been wadded up and on the floor right before the photo shoot took place. We have too much pride in the way we operate than to diss you and/or our merchandise like that. The quick and dirty method isn’t us and never will be.

We care enough to create our presentations by dressing our trusty mannequin men here to display the vast majority of our merchandise. Of course, this procedure takes considerably more time... but, it’s our belief in seeing the end result that it is time well spent. You've told us that you want to see what the clothing looks like when it's on. Especially suits. While hanging on a hanger or laying flat, no suit will ever appear flattering.

We’re finicky and it shows. Presentation and quality matter to our company, and... to the most important component of our company....

....our customers.

That's the way you like it. Uh-huh!

It's all about YOU at

We have the proof in the reaction we receive from our customers. You guys are a damn riot.The pictures we have of some of you proud dudes in the customer gallery, well, well... all we can say is that you guys definitely keep us inspired and on top of our game!

The moral of the story is this - if you wanna stand out outfit to get up and get down in 70's style, there ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby! Tatty costume disco outfits and Grandad’s Polyester Suits just don’t make the grade.

Get FUNKED UP fashions - Do it Disco Style at

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Disco Shirts: Clothes for Porn Stars

Check out the newest addition to DressThatMan's Funky Fashion Hall of Fame.

Flanked by two other funked up party guys - we'd like to introduce Paris, the first Australian brave enough to send pictures for the gallery! Paris wore a super slinky deadstock Disco Shirt that fit him like a glove that he got from us, of course!

Between the shirt and the overall attitude and styling, Paris took home the award for "Best Porn Star Mo" at a gala fundraiser.

Grab a slinky Disco Shirt from our racks and, who knows... you could be the next award winning Porn Star in our gallery!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

the SEARCH for men's vintage clothing

It's absolutely hilarious sometimes how people find our site.

Checking over the recent list of keyword terms used to find the site, here's what made us laugh the hardest:

5. why men hide the remotes

4. pimp that azz

3. mens lipps service

2. down grab pull peek look

and the number one that made us laugh our asses off is this:
1. he is dressed up and look alike his sister

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rock Stars LOVE Vintage Clothes!

At Dress That Man, we are continuing one hell of a run dishing out some super funky ass vintage clothes. Many of which have been as of late - getting snatched up by some talented musicians.

We're hoping to bring on board some MORE gallery guys and link up their band sites. When we do, we going to create a special section, a brand NEW gallery just for people in the entertainment industry donning our garments in pixel form - whether you're known locally or nationally - we'll be hooking you up in the NEW gallery, along with other celebrities we may get pics of in the future.

Because when you ROCK, you need clothes for the stage that are memorable. Not stuff anyone can go into a store and just shell out the cash and get. You want the one-of-a-kind stuff because you want to stand out when you take center stage.

As either a budding ROCK STAR or an established celeb in the entertainment industry, what you do it all for is to get your music out there. Because the more people listen to your music the more fullfilled the dream becomes. The more real it is.

The crew at is all about keeping it real.
So, cop some unique top quality vintage threads and send us pictures of yourself wearing 'em you're in performance mode or just standing there looking great. We'll hook you up in the gallery free of charge - along with links to your band site and mp3's if you got 'em.

Sometimes it not who you know - it's what you know.

Now you know - h
ook up with us, we'll help get your music out across the planet. believes in living your dreams.

on a side note
Thanks to Jay for mentioning us in his blog! ::: & thanks to Joe for the heads up :::
jay's blog: linky vol. 007 - best of the linkroll

Monday, January 16, 2006

70's DISCO SHIRTS from Outer Space

Disco Shirt meets space travel - yes, Sir! Take a trip to the International Space Station in style with this galactic inspired Disco Shirt. If you knock on the Space Station door wearing this shirt, they’ll let you in - even IF you didn’t call first.

This retro relic makes Human Space flight seem more possible than ever before. Because once you don this 70's fashion beauty and hit the club, you are gonna totally blast off on the dance floor.

This specimen is a disco shirt collectors dream. RARE XL disco clothes for men in NEW, unworn condition, especially in the form of a photo print disco shirt like this one from the 1970's - well, it’s practically unheard of. We can assure you, this particular bad azz mens shirt is frickin’ rarer than a five armed neighbor with an English accent who volunteers to wash your car every Sunday.

This shirt also has the rare feature of fabric covered buttons and is suitable for an A-list Celebrity or any ROCK STAR who wants a shirt that nobody else can go out and buy.
Kick ass threads in the form of authentic vintage garments have a clear advantage.

Cop one for the copycat prevention, man.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

70's Disco Clothes for the Rich and Famous has a clientele list that includes Hollywood celebrities along with others in the entertainment industry. While we'd love to be able to tell you who, we are sworn to secrecy because that's just they way we do business in the business.

BUT - check this out! We may have photos available soon from a well known kick ass musician's big surprise party, and we are as excited as hell at the prospect because this dude frickin' ROCKS, baby! So, stay tuned. His wife promised photographs to us and now we're just gonna wait and see what develops. Hopefully, we'll be able to sleep until then.

The fabulous pic above of our very own afro wearing disco man, our mascot Luis... now, he is a celebrity in his own right here at DressThatMan!

Luis is decked out right down to his platforms from DressThatMan stock he hand picked from our virtual online racks. It's guys like Luis that make our job FUN.

You can check him out in his retro loving glory, all funked up in 70's attire - Luis is a featured funky man in the gallery!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Men's Vintage Clothing: Marketing - part 3

Today I present to you the "Grammar" slap we received this morning from Google AdWords. Yes. This is the same AD we got the smack for regarding our use of the alleged banned word FUNKED, which was later retracted.

This time it's for the use of the slang word "YA." Busted because of our grammer.

Imagine that shit. Us?

Here's a portion of what we received from the Google AdWords team:


Pimp Ya Hide, Man
Funked Up Retro 70's Disco Suits,
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

Ad Status: Suspended - Pending Revision
Ad Issue(s): Grammar

-> Ad Text: Your ad text includes phrases that do not meet our grammar requirements. I suggest making the following change(s):

Current: "Ya"
Replace with: "Your"

Restraining my desire to pepper the email with YA throughout - here's my response to the Google AdWords team this morning:

Hello there Google AdWords people!

Argh! Not this again... LOL!

The reason we use the word "YA" in our AD is because it is a term we use frequently on the ecommerce site - but.... it is also the name of our blog on Google's Blogger titled, "Pimp Ya Hide, Man!" at - we have not used the word "YA" to circumvent space issues on ADwords.

Please consider an exception to this ADwords campaign and reinstate the recently disapproved AD which was pulled on "grammer." The AD is a popular one and we have emails from customers in regard to the AD appealing to their sense of humor, so... it IS an effective campaign for us.

Pimp Ya Hide, Man
Funked Up Retro 70's Disco Suits,
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

Also please note: On December 26th, 2005 I received the following from AdWords support - this was AFTER receiving a letter disapproving an ad we ran containing the word (which was supposedly banned but was being used by ebay in AdWords) - "FUNKED." Please note that in THIS approved ad below, the word "YA" appeared not once, but twice:

12/26/2005 - from Google adwords regarding the allegedly banned word "FUNKED"

Hello Sam,

Thank you for your email.

I've confirmed that you currently have no disapproved ads, and your ad text with:

Pimp Ya Hide, Man
We'll Funk Ya Up in 70s Disco Suits
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

is approved and running on Google.

Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they comply with our advertising policies. I apologize if the prior disapproval of your ad was made in error. However, after reviewing your ad again, our Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and advertising policies.

In the interim, I go in and change the AdWords Ad to read:

Pimp Dat Azz, Man
Funked Up Retro 70's Disco Suits,
Men's Vintage Leisure Suits, Shirts

Which, OF COURSE... we KNOW will be yanked before it ever goes live!

Whatever will be will be. Sans caffeination, we were slightly annoyed this morning to get the email, but... once we had our coffee we began to laugh. Because it doesn't matter THAT much. If it isn't allowed in the end , we'll come up with something else. We know we will. Because we have a CRACK azz creative team here at!

UPDATE from Google! January 17th, 2006

Hello Sam,

Thank you for your reply. I apologize for any confusion.

Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they
comply with our advertising policies. I apologize if the prior disapproval
of your ad was made in error. However, after reviewing your ad again, our
Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and
advertising policies.

I've confirmed that your ad is approved and running on Google.

Thank you, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

Therefore... the AD stands... as it was.

Much ado about nothing.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Polyester is the Anti-Crease

Funking you up 70's style is all the rage over at - the reception you wild guys have given us has literally driven us to it. We are propelled to bring you the absolute best in 1970's clothing we can find.

We are currently fluttering about with anticipation. Why? We’ve just scored 35 kilos of NOS (new old stock) in the form of brand new, never been worn before 70's jackets and suits. The disco era stash is on its way to the warehouse now, it should wash ashore by the weeks end.

We’re completely savoring the groovy anticipatory feelings. Because we know the body buzz deadstock vintage gives the man who is totally into retro fashion. Especially the men who are vintage clothing purists. For them, this haul will make ‘em howl our name and squeal with delight at the potential.

2006 is looking nearly as good as our customers!

Which brings another subject to mind. The fact that not all of you men out there are willing to slide directly or indirectly into anything from the 1970's - new or not. Because you think it’s either sleazy, tacky, or... it’s just not you.

Yes, Sir. Indeed.

It could be all three, perhaps two or, just one of the above reasons that you’ve rushed to such, “no way - no how” judgement.

But wait! Ponder this. OK?

It’s a fact that oodles of fun can be derived from combining sleazy with tacky.

Don’t ask how we know that. We just know.

We also know that when it comes to wearing clothing from the 70's, that if you are not already sleazy or tacky, putting on the polyester will not make it happen. You will not flip, slip or slide into super slime bucket mode if you aren’t already there.

If you put 70's clothing on and say to yourself when you look in the mirror, ...“it’s just not me,” then you can attribute whomever you’ve turned into as the blame for a night of fun and debauchery with your new sleazy and tacky self. The option is there.

Alternatively, if you look in that mirror and say, ... “it’s just not me,” without a single smirk if even for a nanosecond, then... by all means, it sho’ ain’t.

So, git. ::: just kidding :::

Truth is, if you’re a classy guy to begin with, you won’t lose it by donning the miracle fiber found in this retro attire. You’ll still be you and retro chic. Quite possibly more effective at pulling it off and having a smashing time with your friends who will certainly be astonished by the unexpected factor.

Your amazing transformation into Mr. Polyester Super Funky Hero awaits you at!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mens Fashion Police

Top 10 Sources for Mens-Fashion

DressThatMan's blog feed is now running in the Men's Fashion section of Top 10 Sources!

Since we've received the badge above, we've ordained ourselves as the DressThatMan Mens Fashion Police. Because we said it's so.

So.... watch out, comb your hair and put on fresh clothes while you surf the information super highway, because at any given time we will knock on your door, and pretend to be Publishers Clearinghouse. When you open the door, we'll quickly remove the Ed McMahon mask and reveal our true identity and shove that Top 10 badge in your face. Right before we funk you up big time.

We'll wrestle you to the floor, if need be, to put you in polyester flares from the 1970's that fit your thighs like a coat of thick paint. Then, we'll match it with a loud, tight 70's print disco shirt. Of course it'll be color coordinated with your pants. Then, on with the platform shoes. We'll sit on your knees if you protest.

After that, we'll stand you up and march you outside. You'll enter the black canvas tent covered with the logo on all 4 sides that's set up in your yard. Inside you'll see that the crew has set up a modified apparatus that once was a portable basketball hoop, but now sports a giant disco ball turning slowly to the right with 3 super powered halogen pin spotlights aimed at it.

Then, the music begins to play. The fog machine is turned on along with the police sirens and strobe lights. Depending on the mood, we'll blast out Funkytown by Lipps Incorporated or Macho Man by the Village people. You will be forced to dance while the crew films you for distribution on the net.

Once you've entered DressThatMan's RETRO
luscious land, you'll never be the same again.